Women's Long-Sleeve Dresses

Women’s long sleeve dresses by ELK

When it comes to women's long sleeve dresses, ELK brings you a collection that offers variety in every sense — from the range of styles that cater to formal gatherings, office meetings or relaxed weekend outings to a myriad of lengths, silhouette shapes and fabrics. 

As seasons shift and trends evolve, our long-sleeve dresses are trans-seasonal staples you can always rely on. Our collection of long-sleeve dresses for women offers cosy warmth in chillier months and breathable comfort in the warmer seasons. 

Whether you're reaching for a formal long-sleeve dress for a special event, a polished piece for the workplace or a casual, comfortable outfit for everyday wear, you’ll find the perfect dress tailored for every occasion here at ELK. 

Advocating responsible creation

Our women's long-sleeve dresses are products of our partnership with a global network of suppliers and makers who share our commitment to the environment, the welfare of animals and the well-being of our workers. For a closer look at the process behind the conscious creation of our dresses, the transparency section provides an open window into our practices.

A statement of timeless elegance

Looking for a specific style other than long-sleeve dresses? Explore our wide range of dresses from an even more extensive selection of women’s clothing to find the perfect one for you. 

To make your ELK experience more delightful, we offer free standard shipping across Australia for orders over $200. Because with ELK, style and convenience go hand in hand.

Let ELK be your go-to for all things fashion, where design meets purpose and style comes with substance.