Dawn - Our Story

Designed in Melbourne, handmade globally

A pioneer of independent Australian design, ELK was founded by husband and wife Marnie Goding and Adam Koniaras in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia.

Our design ethos

The ELK aesthetic holds a unique place within the Australian fashion landscape. With a highly considered approach to design, ELK collections resonate with the global audience in over 10 countries through a level of product refinement, range curation and intellect that is innately our own. The ELK customer has always embraced slow fashion, and shops for investment pieces that build on their existing wardrobe.

Sculptural accessories, hand-made leather and ready- to-wear collections define an artful vision while our commitment to ethical and environmental practices has positioned ELK as a leader in the practice of responsible innovation for the fashion industry.

Founded on a belief in creativity, innovative design and an authentic approach where people are at the heart of every decision, our Co-Founders, passion for local design and independent, ethically sourced fashion has created a brand of enduring value.

Our collections
ELK creates bi-annual collections that are informed by a design ethos where simplicity and sustainability meets innovation. The creative team rely on the understanding that great design need not be complicated and it is within this intersection of refined simplicity ELK has found its much loved aesthetic and continues to inform the ongoing brand direction.
Seasonal collections typically lean towards natural hues and use fine quality raw materials sourced from all over the world. We also adopt an unwavering commitment to working with independent manufacturers across the globe whose traditional skills and techniques guarantee authentic, high quality execution of their collections.
Beyond our commitment to great design, we have a strong ethical foundation. Our mission is to design and manufacture well-considered products that support traditional trades and a circular economy, and that are made responsibly, with regard for people, animals and the environment.



Our transparency report is a comprehensive review of where, who and how we make our products. It details information about our tier one factories, the people who work with us and the materials we use. It also details the social and environmental impacts of our business operations. It serves as a public statement around our commitment to running a business with transparency, honesty and integrity.

It allows us to be held accountable and we feel by sharing our journey with you we are creating a platform to open up the conversation and provide complete transparency. The report proposes goals, celebrates our achievements and highlights to all, the areas where our business and the industry as a whole, needs to improve.

As a family owned and operated business, there is a great respect for people who work within and for the business. Transparency and honesty are fundamental values upheld across the entire supply chain. Likewise is the awareness around the impact that ELK has on the people, communities and environment we work in. Our goals are to operate ethically and transparently, minimise our environmental footprint, and promote positive, social practices.

ELK has emerged as a leader in the industry as a brand at the forefront of positive change. With four years of research and training, a dedicated team and active industry participation there are few other Australian labels with the depth of knowledge or all encompassing commitment to redesigning the business.

The brand is on a journey to create great Australian design for a growing global audience, to share the story of a business in transformation, to innovate and to challenge traditional thinking for a better way to make and work in the world of fashion. See our full transparency report here.

We know our makers

Our Makers are part of our global family. Their skills, time and dedication are integral to what makes ELK a unique Australian brand.

We visit our Makers numerous times each year where working conditions, company ethics, workers rights and workplace safety are assessed prior to any engagement by ELK. Each one of our suppliers is at a different stage of their sustainability journey, with some just beginning the process and a handful at the other end showing real innovation and leadership.

We have an extensive supplier code of conduct which all of our core suppliers have signed. For any areas of non-compliance, our approach is to work with our suppliers on improving their processes, rather than just exiting, as this provides the best outcome for workers and the environment.

We believe in the value of sharing information about the factories that make our products, as this helps you, our customers, better understand who, how and where ELK clothes and accessories are made. It also means we can be alerted to any potential environmental and human rights issues by NGOs, unions, local communities or workers and facilitates collaboration on these issues by brands sharing the same factories.

In our transparency report, we have shared 100% of our tier one direct suppliers from ELK 2018 production. Where there are gaps in information, we are either working with the supplier to collect this data or we have ceased working with them for future ranges.

We are committed to mapping our supply chain and tracing our fibres and materials right back to their origin, and ensuring that our products are made responsibly, with regard for workers, animals and the environment.

We want to share the stories of our makers and their positive practices, as well as the areas we are working to improve. To get to know the faces behind our designs, see all of our current tier 1 suppliers in our transparency report here.

Our journey

Our work is an ongoing journey and we regularly update our progress which you can find in our TRANSPARENCY section. We will continue to share our progress both here at ELK HQ and the initiatives of our suppliers who make our products.

Say hello

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at customerservice@elkthelabel.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding who, how and where ELK products are made.

Marnie and Adam x