Linen Dresses

Women’s linen dresses — the epitome of relaxed refinement

Every linen dress from ELK boasts timeless elegance that will make you feel comfortable, classy and perpetually in style, no matter the occasion. Recognised for its fabric’s airy feel, exceptional moisture management and lasting durability, linen defines the essence of relaxed sophistication. More than that, this popular fabric is also known to be low-maintenance, with its natural wrinkles adding character and appeal. 

ELK masterfully crafts this iconic material into linen dresses that shift effortlessly from casual daytime to polished evening wear. Whether lounging by the beach, attending a sunset gathering, navigating weekend markets or simply spending a day in town, our linen dresses promise versatility, ensuring you always look and feel your best. And while this fabric is the go-to choice for sun-soaked seasons, you’re always free to mix, match and layer.

Sustainable fashion at the forefront

Each ELK linen dress from Australia is a commitment to thoughtful design, environmental stewardship and the empowerment of our artisans and community of workers. These dresses reflect the process from sustainable sourcing of materials to proper production practices, creating a linen dress that speaks of quality and intention. 

Choose linen, choose ELK

Shop ELK's linen dress collection and bring home wardrobe additions that merge breathable comfort with standout style. And while our linen dresses for women may be well-loved pieces, our vast collections of dresses and other women’s clothing have something for every fashion enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for everyday tops or glam heels, ELK has everything you need and more. So, go ahead and add to your cart and enjoy free standard shipping for orders over $200.