Women's Short Dresses

Women's short dresses

Discover the beauty of women's short dresses from ELK. Each consciously crafted piece offers a blend of comfort and style, ensuring you feel as good as you look.

Our expertly tailored short dresses will ensure confidence in any setting, from busy daytime events to semi-formal evening gatherings. Pair them with the perfect accessories and the right footwear and you’ll never have to worry about dressing for the occasion. The versatile nature of our short dresses for women makes them suitable for spontaneous moments and planned events — so you're always dressed to impress anytime, anywhere.

Commitment beyond design

Each short dress is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the well-being of our artists and workers, the ethical treatment of animals and a genuine respect for our environment. As a brand working closely with a global network of suppliers and makers, we are dedicated to crafting world-class fashion with a sense of responsibility.

This dedication ensures that when you wear a short dress from ELK, you’re supporting a brand that prioritises intentional and conscious crafting. 

Elevate your wardrobe with ELK

Amidst fleeting fashion trends, ELK stands as a beacon of timeless style. Our collection of women’s short dresses, among our extensive variety of women’s dresses, footwear, accessories and more, offers the epitome of sartorial elegance and the values-driven assurance of conscious crafting. 

When you browse our selection, you'll find women’s short dresses purposefully designed for the modern ELK individual. Plus, with free standard shipping across Australia for orders over $200, bringing a piece of ELK's unique style into your life has never been more accessible. Explore our collection and experience the ELK difference today.