This year, we have taken refuge in fields, gardens and forests; seeking air and space in the outside world. We have let nature in to heal us and give us the freedom and motivation to create.

We have discovered that as designers all that we need is already there. Mother nature provides it all; a colour palette, materials and sculptural forms.

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Opening with bright, almost neon hues reflecting flowers in full bloom, sunny yellows, bright berries and aqua blues take centre stage.

Prints take their cues from spring gardens and fluid graphic drawings inspired by the textures of nature are penned in the same rosy pinks and greens.

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Evolving with the seasons, plush velvets, unique knits and sustainable denim take centre stage to warm up your wardrobe.

Rusty, orange browns mix with mossy greens and hint at the last glow of golden sun in the early afternoon.

Brighter greens re-introduced alongside coral pinks and vivid blues readying us to step back outside and into the next, seasonal phase.

Drawing inspiration from Mother Nature, we have taken this evolutionary design sensibility and are doing just the same. We hope you like it.

Marnie, Adam and the ELK Team x

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