As a fashion brand, we're acutely aware of our impact, especially after making significant progress in mapping a large portion of our Scope 3 carbon emissions. Our choice of materials, how we make them, and the product end-of-life management all shapes each product's footprint.

At ELK, we're dedicated to providing better alternatives. Our goal is to offer products that lessen its environmental impact, and a significant part of this is in how you shop for, wear, and care for your items, whether they're garments or accessories.



With our extensive experience, research, and dedication to unraveling the complexities of "sustainable" fashion, we aim to share valuable insights on how to adopt a conscious approach to your consumption habits, reduce your fashion footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Each item we design has a considered approach applied to it, whether it's materials, packaging, manufacturing partners, or all three. Among them, we have a significant selection of standout products identified as better choices, that's why we've introduced our "CONSCIOUS EDIT."

We outline various ways you can participate in reducing your fashion footprint:



"By considering these factors when shopping for clothes, you can make conscious choices and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry."

-MARNIE GODING, ELK Co-Founder &  Brand Director. 

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