We are excited to share a recent ELK feature on The Grace Tales – the globally renowned blog created for the stylish mother with inspiring style and inspiring stories. See an excerpt below from the feature and click here to see the full article.

"For Melbourne-based accessories label ELK, running a business is a case of combining family, passion and a social conscience.

Founder Marnie Goding works alongside husband Adam to create a quintessentially Australian brand that is inspired by Scandinavian design, creating everything from jewellery to clothing and handbags, including the recent addition of swimwear to their hefty stable of products...

The busy mother of two credits her marketing background and childhood as the driving factors to creating a business that has grown steadily since its inception in 2004, most recently winning the Telstra Medium Business of the Year award, which celebrates the brand’s commitment to Australian design, independent fashion and ethically sourced materials.

So how does the business creative make marriage, children and business all co-exist?

“It’s about playing to each other’s strengths and supporting each other when it’s most needed. Good communication and time away from the business to talk is also important. Having an external and impartial advisor to help us navigate some of the tougher times has also been great. I have great respect for Adam and each of us have learnt when to let the other person take the lead.”

Read on to hear more from Marnie on her business highs and lows, how she uses enthusiasm to tackle motherhood challenges and why building a brand is all about being slow, steady and well-prepared… 

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