In S23, we explore the world of rituals, delving into the significance of both the small, daily practices that enrich our lives and the cultural rituals that connect us with communities worldwide.

To kickstart this journey, we had the pleasure of joining ELK founder, Marnie, to share in her morning rituals and learn about the role they play in grounding her throughout the day.

As Ezra Bookman aptly put it, rituals offer us a fuller, richer experience of life, creating touch points that bring us back to ourselves and help us find presence in a constantly moving world.


Marnie wears: TILBE SHIRT, VEN JEAN.


The Mornings Are Mine

“There's a moment before everyone else is awake that is mine. This time has become a ritual and with no one else around I find balance and calm.”

“The routine of a making coffee every morning allows me to savour a moment to myself. Inhaling the aroma, watching the rising sun and enjoying the simple pleasure that quiet brings.”



“Then, with the sun up, I take Wally the Westie for a walk - breathing deeply the eucalypts in our locals parklands. This is my second sanctuary and the familiar routine of traversing this place, the familiarity of each bend in the path, the sound of the birds and the frogs in the billabong all ground me.”


Marnie wears: BERG DRESS.

“Embracing, and following these small rituals makes the pace of life and its demands manageable. Taking time for me to centre and settle.”



We invite you to join us in discovering the power of rituals…

What do you do just for you?

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