In celebration of Mother’s Day we took some time out with ELK Co-Founder and Creative Director Marnie Goding and her two beautiful children to learn about the inspiration behind her creative endeavours, how she balances a creative life with motherhood and the words of wisdom she will pass on to her children.

Words of wisdom your mother taught you?

Mum is an amazing, positive influence and has an incredible sense of calm. She is incredibly supportive but the best thing she has taught me is how to laugh. She and I can laugh until we cry - we did with her mum too and now Willow shares the same sense of humour and an ability to laugh (at ourselves mostly!).

Do you have a favourite memory from your childhood with your mother?

Mum is a botanical artist and generally the most incredibly creative person I know. The fondest memories are of her teaching me to sew, how to make things like papier-mache, work with flowers amongst other things – at the time I remember thinking, and it is still true now, that there isn’t anything she doesn’t know how to do and she always does everything absolutely perfectly.

How does your career influence how you approach motherhood?

Adam and I have built a business based on creativity. We are fortunate to travel and are constantly looking for variety and new inspiration and so I approach our children with the same ideals. Whilst we run on tight routines we realise our kids are sponges and are looking always for new experiences, to see new places and adding as much inspiration and exposure to newness as we can is important…..we are writing the first chapter of their lives.

Balancing a business and children, what is your number one piece of advice?

I, like many people, when you have your own business and decide to have kids, had a romantic notion of being able to work with my kids sitting quietly beside me. I learnt early on that this never works and you cannot focus on both at the same time. When you are working you are working and when you are with the kids they are your sole focus. So my advice is to pick one focus at that moment and don’t try to look after both!

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