We are excited to introduce Alex, Kate and Hayley, the talented creators behind the bright, colourful and vibrant lifestyle brand, Kip & Co.

We sat down with the Kip & Co trio to learn more about what inspires them and the words of wisdom their mothers taught them.

Words of wisdom my mother taught me?

It’s hard to remember exact words as our mum passed away when I was 14 but I know that while she invested every bit of her being in us kids she made a real effort always with Dad and keeping their relationship strong. It’s easy to forget the fellas some days but I’ll never forget that they gave each other a kiss every morning and night as Dad came and went to work and I’ve tried to have this as a minimum, combined with a family dinner at the table. They pushed “grace”, which I’ve dropped, but the sentiment of love and gratitude isn’t lost. – Kate

Do you have a favourite memory from your childhood with your mother?

Kate and I are sisters and our Mum passed away around the age we are now. I have so many great memories of Mum although it’s been a long time since she passed away and I was relatively young. Mostly I remember fondly Mum out in the garden tending to her beautiful flowers and plants early in the morning before we even got out of bed. She had been up, run 5km and then was busy weeding and planting. Her energy and vitality, even with 4 children, was phenomenal. She also had the best wardrobe and we had fun looking through all her shoe boxes beautifully stacked on shelves and parading around in her heels. - Hayley.

How does your career influence how you approach motherhood?

My brand-spanking new baby Quincy joined the Kip&Co family from day dot. In the best possible way, there is very little separation between work-life and home-life at Kip&Co, which is great from my perspective because it means all our families are incredibly close, and parenting Quincy will be shared with my business partners when we are in the office! We all love having action-packed lives, so I’ll continue to stay busy and active, and bring Quincy along for the joy ride. - Alex

Balancing a business and children, what is your number 1 piece of advice?

Make sure you have supportive business partners who are friends first, colleagues second. Your health, happiness and family are always priority. - Alex

What's next for Kip & Co?

We have an action packed 2018 with kids apparel launching, a collaboration with an iconic brand, plus multiple new collections filled with loads of new product and lots of delicious colour and texture. - Alex

Take a look at the Kip&Co's colourful life on Instagram @kipandco or by clicking here x

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