We are all our own sartorial curators. The decisions we make, the experiences we undergo and pieces we collect along the way; these are the fragments that become part of our narrative and of our Identity.

Often we need a reminder to nurture the space that helps us to shape our Identity – we have recently found this spark of inspiration in the world that Natalie Walton, writer and leading interior stylist, has crafted for herself.

Author of 'This Is Home', Natalie steps inside fifteen homes across the world to discover what makes us happy in the spaces we inhabit. Natalie is also the owner of Imprint House, a shop that celebrates beauty in the every day.

Natalie invited us into her home to share how these spaces have helped shape her Identity.

How do you apply the concept of 'Identity' into your work life?
It has always been important to me that what I do for “work” is an intrinsic part of what I’m interested in or believe to be of value. This was true when I worked in a paint and wallpaper store while at university and then as a news reporter and more recently as an interior stylist and consultant, helping people to create wholehearted spaces. So I don’t really apply the concept of identity in to my work life, but my work life is part of my identity.

How did Imprint House begin?
We were in the process of moving from the city to the country, and I wanted to simplify our home life, having only pieces that were beautiful and useful or enhanced our lives in some way. I spent hours trying to find beautiful everyday essentials and realised there wasn’t a single destination for them, so I created one.

What made you craft this passion into your new book, 'This is Home'?
The book evolved after visiting hundreds of places for interior magazines. I could see that often the ones that belonged to people with a strong sense of their own style felt most like a home. I was interested in learning why some people had an “eye” and more confidence when it came to creating interiors. The more I researched, the more I became interested in the idea of what makes a place feel like a home, and wanted to know if the main characteristics were universal.

What inspires your decisions when building, designing and creating?
Form must always follow function. And I have a preference for products or spaces that help improve our lives in some way - this can be from the way something is made (sustainably, fair trade, thoughtfully…) to how we experience it.

What pieces should every house have to make it a home?
It’s important that our homes have pieces that tell our story and we can connect to emotionally. For every person, these objects will be different. For one person it might be their collection of books or albums. Another person might treasure silverware that was passed down from one generation to another. Or it might be rugs that were bought while travelling in some far-off land. When something is not merely an object but a memory in tangible form, then we elevate our home to something unique and unforgettable.

What are your favourite pieces from the ELK 'Identity' collection?
I have always loved pieces that are feminine yet not overly fussy. The Teskstur dress personifies this idea. Love it! Also, the sandals are so great. I have had so much fun wearing the Bremer wedge.

In an industry where trends are constantly changing, how do you maintain your sense of 'Identity'?
I tend to stick to neutral colours that way everything works with everything else and it doesn’t matter what season it is from. I have a strong sense of what works with my body shape and what I feel comfortable wearing. It doesn’t matter what styles are trending, if I don’t feel comfortable wearing it, I won’t. Conversely, if I feel good in something, then it will be on high rotation.

To read more about Natalie Walton and her book 'This Is Home' click here x

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