For the launch of our Giving Program, we looked to find a local Melbourne artist who could work with us to tell an important story. Lauren Ericksen (aka Everyday Lines) has a distinctive style and was the perfect collaborator to illustrate the important work of our first Giving partner; Positive Change for Marine Life (PCFML). Debuting with four designs for adults and kids, profits from the sale of each design are donated to our charity partner PCFML.

Lauren is a person of many talents. A visual artist, illustrator, designer and muralist, Lauren uses her unique style, exploring figurative and abstract elements through the use of continuous lines. Using symbols, she playfully explores life from the everyday to the bigger conversations and topics.

For our Giving Tee, Lauren included specific graphic elements to promote the messages and important work of PCFML. Her design breakdown helps to explain the charity's Waste to Wealth Program.

Together, we will use our voice and our platforms to spread the word and share the incredible work of so many who are promoting positive change for our environment and communities. All profits from the sale of these items are donated to PCFML.

"I also incorporated the Indian flag into a hand with a globe. I wanted to show the hand as a symbol of everyone, but also reference this particular program and its potential global impact." - Lauren Ericksen

Lauren used a dead fish to illustrate the impact of overfishing on ocean pollution.

Lauren drew this exchange of information into the design, with a row of connected heads to demonstrate the sharing of knowledge.

Lauren's design is littered with trash and tiny microplastics, through which she portrays the enormous problem of marine pollution and debris.

To symbolise our responsibility to the ocean, Lauren drew a hand with a wave heart at its very centre.

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