A factory and farm based in Northern China, Hemp Fortex is a vertically integrated manufacturer and converter meaning they offer full transparency by overseeing every part of the manufacturing process. This involves sourcing the best and most sustainable fibers which are spun into a high quality yarn which they then knit and weave into a range of fabrics. We chose to partner with Hemp Fortex due to their impressive sustainable and ethical practices.

One of the latest Makers to join ELK, they created the Karrie collection, featuring a jumpsuit, shirt, pants and dress crafted from a sustainable organic cotton and hemp blend creating a soft chambray fabrication with a denim look. Here are some of the reasons we love Hemp Fortex:



Working primarily with hemp, Hemp Fortex makes a commitment to only working with eco-friendly or sustainable materials. These fibres also include organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel.

Hemp is one of the worlds most sustainable fibres. It is fast growing, low water use and returns a high percentage of nutrients back to the soil. Our Karrie collection blends hemp and cotton creating a beautiful soft hand-feel without compromising durability.  



Hemp Fortex has implemented clean renewable energy across all of their facilities and produce 70% -100% of their electricity on site through solar panels.



In June 2013 Hemp Fortex founded Hemp Fortex Foundation. Lead by the CEO, the foundation aims to help those who are affected by physical disabilities, with their medical bills and day-to-day living costs. The board consists of five employees from Hemp Fortex. They also participate in several other humanitarian efforts including garment donations to the Leprosy Project in Sichuan.



Hemp Fortex were the first member of the Fair Wear Foundation in China Mainland, an independent non-profit organisation that works with factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers.

They are committed to providing good working conditions. A range of benefits are offered to employees including:

  • Meals
  • Travel allowance
  • Medical benefits
  • Safety insurance
  • Regular salary raises
  • Community building
  • Vacation days and more.

We are proud to work with this impressive factory and continue to be inspired by the innovation, initiatives and values of businesses who share our goals towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry for the benefit of all.

You can find out more about Hemp Fortex here.

Take a look at our Karrie collection here

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