We are so excited to announce that ELK has won the 2017 Telstra National Medium Business of the Year Award.

We are proud to have been the only Victorian business to win a national award and we were so honoured to share the night with some of the most inspiring, creative independent businesses in Australia. Together we are contributing to our community and economy and the chance to celebrate the entrepreneurial, hard working Australian spirit was truly wonderful.

We all should be proud of the more than two million small and medium businesses who are Australia's major employers and the spirit of our country. For us it is time to celebrate and reflect on the past 13 years and thank you for your support, for championing Australian business and for joining us on our journey.

We are so pleased to share all the wonderful messages of support we received from the ELK community in the lead up to winning the 2017 Telstra Victorian Medium Business Award.

Marnie and Adam xxx

"ELK, you're a business inspiration! We love watching you evolve and grow, it inspires us to try harder and to dream bigger. Congratulations & good luck!"
- PAYA boutique

"ELK has been the most delightful and innovative company we have dealt with over the last decade. Their commitment to service and animal causes is commendable!"
- Jenny ODonnell

"Congratulations Marnie Goding and Adam! We have worked together for many years now and it is always a pleasure. The very best of luck to you and the team!" - Sharon Kyriacou. Elevated Boutique

"Congratulations Marnie Goding and Adam! Love everything you represent about ELK.Gorgeous, creative product, a modern business with a great culture. You deserve a win."
- Sally Kailas

"Well done ELK Team! Your brand, ethos and mission are so admired. Best wishes."
- Elle

"Marnie Goding and Adam have a business in the lifestyle industry that needs to be applauded. They have grown, innovated and stayed true to their brand. Outstanding!"
- Louise King, Arlington

"Congratulations to Marnie Goding and Adam and the ELK team. Your business model always puts your customers first and your success is a testament to that!!"
- Adam Worling

"Congratulations to ELK for building a global business that supports independent retailers and their often forgotten loyal consumers. Well done Marnie Goding and Adam."
- Leigh McKeown

"Congratulations Marnie Goding and Adam on this amazing achievement and for creating a business and workplace we can all be proud of. Good luck!"
- Mali

"Congratulations on being selected as a finalist for the 2017 Telstra Business Awards. We couldn't think of a more deserving business for this award."
- The Ivy

"Congratulations and well deserved. The ELK team amaze me every season, Style Fabric and price! One very happy customer....Keep up the great work!"
- Michelle Anable, Your Home Matters

"It's been an amazing journey seeing Elk grow over the years. Through it all their mission has always been to support, create and inspire - from maker to buyer. - Alice Robertson. We love ELK"

"We have been buying fabulous ELK accessories & clothing to sell in our shop for 6 years. They are high in integrity & generous in business."
- Rosey Neilson

"We absolutely love the Elk product at our Boutique in Echuca and we get very excited when the new range comes in! The quality fantastic, Staff great."
- Shirley (Prato Echuca)

"Thanks to the Telstra Business Awards for recognising what we already knew- that Adam and Marnie have built an awesome Aussie business!"
- Jane Gosde

"What a fantastic team. You are already a winner."
- Art Gallery of Ballarat, Gallery Gift Shop, Manager Sue Jackson

"I have been associated with Marnie and Adam of Elk for the past 8 years and feel honoured that I have seen the product grow so successfully over that time."
- Jane Wilson

"Congratulations on your nomination Marnie & Adam! We are so very proud to be stockists of such an amazing label! You are truly deserving winners!!"
- Anita Halsall, The Black & Dane Trading Co

"Canada LOVES Elk. Marnie, Adam and the whole team are always a pleasure to work with. They are smart, kind, thoughtful and generous. Elk is a national treasure!"
- Karena MacAllister

"Congratulations ELK! You have such a wonderful business and are most deserving of this nomination. Fingers crossed for a win! From the Papaya Team."
- Mary Peiffer @ Papaya

"It's amazing to see ELK kicking goals worldwide all while designing and innovating right here in Melbourne, Australia. Keep it up!"
- John Rosato

"Dear Adam and Marnie, Congratulations on becoming a TBA finalist! We're all so proud of the fantastic brand/company you've worked so hard to create!"
- Bec Fitzgibbon

"CONGRATULATIONS!!! So well deserved! Good luck...x"
- Hayley Bromley

"Absolute awesomeness! Great brand, fabulous team and truly amazing owners!" - Sally Bianco

"Wonderful Team ELK, Could not have wished for a more deserving company. Good Luck x"
- Nikki

"GO TEAM GO! All the best for the hard working, family run Melbourne business."
- Gemma Watson

"Wishing Elk all the best success on their nomination for the Telstra Business Award. The nomination in itself is an Award for the Company and all its staff."
- Anastasia Karaman

"I can't think of a more deserving business to receive this award. It's obvious to everyone they love what they do and they do it so well."
- Wendy Keast (Tempted)

"Good luck guys..... We love our Elk products and are proud to be part of the extended Elk family. Keep up the good work!!"
- Concepts of Armidale

"Congratulations on this amazing endorsement of the incredible business you have built Marnie, Adam and all of the Elk team!"
- Katrina Kruze

"Congratulations ELK. Great Company."
- Country Affair, DUNGOG NSW

"Good Luck Elk! You have done such an amazing job and I love working with you xoxo"
- Paula Madafferi

"Toffish is proud to be a major stockist of Elk. We are proud to sell a quality product in our store. Have an amazing night Marnie and Adam."
- Fiona Cairney

"I have been a part of Elk since the beginning of their dream. Marnie and Adam are true professionals Continually Innovative and a Business of Integrity."
- Homeleigh House

"The one Australian fashion business that upholds all the best qualities of our culture: creativity, production values, pricing ethics and humanity. Thank you."
- Urban Oasis, Pyrmont

"We all thank you for your exemplary creativity, production values, and ethics together with a rare humanity that makes our relationship a pleasure."
- The Urban Oasis team

"So proud to be a retail partner of ELK and to have shared your journey over many years. Good luck and congratulations from Francis and Francis."
- Francis and Francis

"ELK is honestly one of the best well run small businesses I have ever been a part of! Everyone works as a team and the love and support cannot go unnoticed."
- Katelyne Tobias

"Congratulations Marnie Goding and the ELK team for your nomination. We love being a stockist of ELK and for your continued support of small businesses."
- Essential Homebody

"Best Wishes Marnie Goding, Adam and the ELK team, we are proud to be sharing this journey with you."
- Di Billiet, Di Billiet

"A well-deserved honour to ELK for their thoughtful brand and product evolution, and all they give back to the communities they work with and care about."
- Paper Plane (store)

"Go Marnie Goding and Adam, it is such an amazing workplace to be part of."
- Helen

"Congratulations ELK- an amazing Australian brand! Their design, integrity, authenticity and focus on their retail partners and customer service is incredible!"
- Liz Shrimski

"Extremely high quality, affordable fashion that we love! Good luck guys!!!"
- Kate McLaren

"Congratulations on the amazing company you have worked hard to create. The team at shop girl flower girl are proud to represent your excellent product."
- Kerist Klekner

"Such a wonderful brand and the products are just divine and made to the highest quality!"
- Danielle Goldstone

"In over thirty five years retail experience I have never dealt with a more supportive, honest and ethical company as ELK. The whole team are amazing. Good luck."
- Alison Noseda

"ELK is hands down the best suppliers ever! With the dog eat dog attitude in retail, ELK is a shining light on how to do business with love and professionalism."
- Bridget Laucke, Alabaster

"A wonderful company which stands for great design and quality, value for money, integrity and community and family values. Congratulations on your achievements."
- Sue Silverblue

"Congratulations to Marnie Goding and Adam on their well deserved nomination. We are so proud to be a stockist of their innovative and inspired field."
- Soup on Sundays

"I have been a stockist of ELK since 2008. Marnie Goding, Adam and their team have been absolutely amazing to work with. They take pride in their product and service."
- Valerie Burgess

"Wishing you good luck and success in the Telstra Business Awards. I have only been dealing with you for two and half years but every encounter has been a pleasure!!"
- Leigh Bartholomaeus

"ELK is our fastest growing fashion concept label - always exciting, always innovative. Congratulations Marnie Goding and Adam and your amazing team at ELK Accessories."
- Wendys Boutique Ltd

"Good luck to Marnie, Adam and the team from ELK, Preston from the Business Development Unit at Darebin City Council."
- Miss Danielle Phyland

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