This festive season, we connect with those who share our passion for conscious living while celebrating the intersection of art and community.

We are delighted to introduce you to local Melbourne artists who share their approach to conscious living through the art of dressing, giving, creating and connecting. 

Meet Amy Allsep, the gifted artisan behind Petite Tapers on the Mornington Peninsula.



Amy's dedication to conscious living shines through in every aspect of her lifestyle and craft. She sources locally, using beeswax and all-natural colours, complemented by 100% cotton wicks and pure beeswax. 

Amy's meticulous approach and dedication to scent-free crafting result in candles with a natural honey aroma and air-purifying properties, designed for slow, drip-resistant burning.

Discover Petite Tapers here.



What does the Art of Dressing mean to you when it comes to the Festive Season?

During the holiday season, my personal style is all about comfort, jazzed up with some accessories for an event. I love wearing silk and linen.

My ideal outfit is a linen jumpsuit dressed up with bold earrings and sandals comfortable enough to wear all day.



What does Conscious Fashion mean to you? 

Conscious fashion for me, revolves around having a capsule wardrobe filled with pieces you absolutely LOVE, investing in quality pieces as well as second-hand and repurposed finds. I source all my silk and linen from op shops. Yep, I'm the queen of quality op-shopping over here!

I don't believe in 'saving things for special occasions.' Instead, it's all about investing in quality natural fibres that you can wear all the time and caring for them so they last a lifetime. This approach involves investing in clothes that suit you, instead of chasing fleeting fashion trends, resulting in a timeless classic wardrobe that doesn't require frequent replacements.


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