This festive season, we connect with those who share our passion for conscious living while celebrating the intersection of art and community.

We are delighted to introduce you to local Melbourne artists who share their approach to conscious living through the art of dressing, giving, creating and connecting. 

Meet Ellie Malin, a Melbourne-based artist working in relief woodblock printing and painting. Her visceral artworks are made up of a language of bold geometries and chromatic compositions. Inspired by observations from life, she translates her ideas into an intuitive world of layered fields of colour echoing place and memory.



Ellie describes her work, as operating as though made of cellular memory. Through an introspective process she applies layer upon layer, purposely revealing and concealing information beneath the surface. 

Soft geometric forms resemble complex architectural constructs whilst also hinting towards patterns in nature. Colour and shape, light and dark culminate in compositions evoking memory of a time and space.

Discover Ellie's artwork here.



What does the Art of Dressing mean to you when it comes to the Festive Season?

During the festive season, I prefer to wear whatever makes me feel good! My style is all about simplicity: natural textiles, quality design, and most importantly, an element of fun and creativity.

I love a colourful printed skirt with a cotton T-shirt and a necklace for an effortless look, or a wide linen pant with a top, statement sunnies, and slides for a casually elevated look.



What does Conscious Fashion mean to you?

Conscious fashion for me is an ongoing learning and a shifting of habits. I'm less focused on fleeting trend cycles and more interested in clothing that can be worn across seasons. I seek out locally designed and ethically made clothes and choose to invest in beautifully considered quality pieces that are functional and versatile and that I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of!




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