Product Care

Taking extra care of your ELK products will not only keep your items looking great but will also increase its life span. Here are our tips on keeping your favourite pieces in top condition.


  • The yarn used for knitwear is created by twisting fibres together. This process, as well as normal wear, will naturally cause the fibres to break and knot together resulting in pilling or fuzz. Regular maintenance will
  • extend the life of your knitted garments.
  1. Always refer first to the washing instructions on your knitwear item.
  2. Gently hand wash your garment inside out in a mild detergent. Squeeze out excess water.
  3. Do not wring or spin dry. Carefully pull your garment back into shape and dry flat in the shade.
  4. Airing your knitwear is also a good way to reduce the amount of washing required.

Removing Pilling and Fuzz

  • Remove any pilling or fuzz using the provided comb. For best results, simply lay your garment on a hard, clean flat surface and comb firmly in one direction, collecting the pills.


  • To avoid stretching, gently fold and store flat in drawers or on a shelf. Do not hang.


  • To maintain the beauty of your ELK bag we recommend using ELK's protective spray (link) and good quality leather conditioner.
  • Keep your leather product stored in its supplied care bag to keep it away from abrasive surfaces and dust.
  • Leather is a natural material and will wear with age and use. 
  • Our leather pieces are handcrafted in India by family owned and operated factories. We visit these factories two to three times a year to assess working conditions, manufacturing processes and to see our designs being made.
  • Linings, trims, findings and leathers are all carefully selected for sturdiness, longevity, high quality and supple feel. Each design is independently and internally tested by our production team at ELK HQ.
  • We use different types of leathers for different designs, meaning the source of the skins vary from New Zealand, India, South America or China.


  • To maintain the beauty of your new leather shoes, we recommend cleaning and conditioning with a neutral cream polish. Apply with a soft cloth and rub into dry or scuffed areas. Keep your shoes away from water as this will greatly affect quality and appearance.
  • Leather is a natural material and will age with wear.
  • Your new pair of ELK shoes have been handcrafted in Agra, India by a family owned and operated factory.
  • They have been in business for over 60 years and specialise in making shoes for the European market. We visit the factory two to three times a year to see our products being made, assess working conditions, source materials and learn about new techniques. Each design is tested at ELK HQ where the shoes are worn for a period to consider comfort, wear and style. The leather upper is made using EU REACH standards and is a by-product from the meat industry.


  • Our wooden jewellery is 100% handmade with love. Continue caring for this piece by avoiding water, other liquids and direct sunlight. If milky spots or marks appear due to contact with liquid, polish with natural jewellery wax to make it shine brand new.
  • Our wooden necklaces are 100% handmade in Cebu, Philippines by a family owned workshop who have collaborated with ELK since 2004. Each piece is hand cut from sustainable timber, shaped, dyed and then polished with a natural wax based product. To read more about our sustainable materials, click here.


  • Our resin jewellery is 100% handmade with love. Continue caring for this piece by wiping clean with a soft, dry cloth or clean in cold water if needed. Resin surfaces can scratch if exposed to abrasive surfaces or chemicals such as sunscreens, make up or other liquids - especially if tinted. For best care, we suggest wiping your piece down after wear.
  • Our resin necklaces are 100% handmade in Cebu, Philippines by a family manufacturer who have collaborated with ELK since 2004. Resin jewellery is made by pouring liquid resin into silicone moulds which is then left to cure. Each piece is then cleaned, drilled, polished and strung onto waxed cotton cord.