Our sole timber jewellery supplier has worked with us since we started the ELK label in 2004. This family business is owned and operated by an amazing lady who is not only an entrepreneur but a single mother of four boys.

Based in Mandaue City, Cebu in the Philippines the owner is an active member of the Go Green organisation and she assists in the running of numerous, local charitable organisations. She was a key driver for the relief team after Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 working tirelessly in the Malapascua Island region and has continued in the redevelopment and resettlement of this area.

We have a wonderful relationship with this supplier who has become an (unofficial!) part of our family. Her story is inspirational. She has triumphed at running her own business and at building a successful program to train and educate people from poor and slum areas giving them traditional handicraft skills that equip them with techniques and knowledge to work either within her business or with other companies.

Sharing the same values as ELK, this Supplier defines its mission as; “Our employees and industry partners share our passion and our commitment to work together honouring values of loyalty, integrity and respect, quality and balance inspiring a socially responsible way of life”. Below are some of the ethical and sustainable practices of this Supplier -

      • Member of the Go Green organisation which is “a sustainable environmental program to revitalize the Philippine ecosystem”. All timber materials used in ELK's jewellery is sourced from sustainable plantations. These materials are used primarily in jewellery production and for traditional handicrafts. The lands are owned and managed by the organisation in association with the Fashion Accessories Manufacturers and Exporters Foundation Philippines, Inc. 
      • The company employees 41 staff and the youngest is 22 years of age (legal minimum age is 18).
      • All employees earn at least the minimum wage, with 19% of employees earning above minimum wage. Employees are paid an additional one day of pay when it is their birthday.
      • The working hours in this factory are not excessive, with the standard working week being no more than 48 hours and at least 1 day off in 7. Overtime hours are minimal.
      • Overtime is voluntary and paid at a higher rate with a meal and transport allowance also paid.
      • Lunch and afternoon breaks are included in the working week.
      • Clean drinking water and good quality uniforms are supplied for all employees.
      • Free annual medical check-ups are provided for all employees.
      • The business is a member of SMART which is a consortium of organisations that aims to increase the "competitiveness of SME’s by promoting sustainable consumption and production”.
      • On top of the mandatory Government insurance, the company also supplies additional medical insurance and accident insurance.
      • Our timber jewellery is coloured with natural vegetable dyes, and workers handling the dyes are provided with safety equipment such as dust masks and gloves. The factory is equipped with a waste management system which works to collect all dust from cutting and polishing and overspray from painting.
      • External, independent DOST and ECCP (European Chamber of Commerce Philippines) consultants are employed to help reduce water waste and to manage runoff and dye waste. All dye waste is collected and disposed of by Government approved providers.
      • The facilities are annually assessed by the City of Mandaue for environmental conformity, by The Environmental Management Bureau, ECCP, Bureau of Fire Protection, Philexport and the City Health Department for Sanitation.
      • We visit the facilities regularly and liaise with the owner and team constantly working together to improve what we do.
      • To learn more, click on the link here to read an interview with this Supplier.

In January 2018, this factory also underwent an independent, third party Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), which assesses the business against the requirements of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code and local law, in the areas of health and safety, labour standards, environment and business ethics.

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